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The Duality between GDP and Ecology – The Case of IKEA

The Tharawat Magazine, where I had a great pleasure to publish in several ocasions has launched its new web site. There is one article I  particulary enjoyed writting. Here it comes:
When world-renowned psychologist Daniel Kahneman coined the concept “What You See Is All There Is” (WYSIATI), he did so in order to describe the common tendency to simplify the complexity of the everyday phenomena that surround us. In his own words, WYSIATI means that we use the information we have as if it is the only information. Instead of contemplating and planning based on things that we don’t know, we make do with what we do know. This concept is central to the functioning of our mind.
In our daily life we tend to give answers based only on the information we have available without acknowledging the importance of the data that is not available to us at the moment. Furthermore, we don’t necessarily consider how this could substantially alter the results of the analysis.

God save the Social Democracy